Sports in the Upper School comprises of different sports units completed throughout the year for Core-PE. 

Boys Sport - Athletics, Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Football, Racket Sports, Striking Games, Fitness and Water Sports

Girls Sport - Volleyball, Athletics, Netball, Football, Softball, Dance, Striking Games, Fitness and Water Sports.
PE in Upper School is also offered as an exam Subject at both IGCSE and IB level. Thus far the students have completed their works in Athletics, Volleyball (girls), Basketball (boys), Underwater Sports and Fitness. The focus in the sports department is participation, teamwork and success. 

Latest Sports News

March -April 2019 Roundup

Sports Sec Mar Apr 19 

The sports department has had a very successful and enjoyable month.

U16 basketball, U14 football, U19 basketball, U14 basketball, U14 netball, U14/U16 badminton and teachers football

‘If all these athletes got together in one room that would be a very crowded room!!! In total all these training efforts would add up to a lot.’ Anonymous quote

February 2019 Roundup 

collageSports Feb2019cen

Big thank you to all the coaches who continue to inspire our boy and girls continued participation in sport.

Over the last 4 weeks, there have been over 160 BISJ athletes taking part in 10 tournaments: 3 hosted by BISJ, 5 local and 2 international events

Hats off tour our U13 BSME games team who performed well out of 24 schools finished an impressive 6th in Dubai

Congratulations to the U19 cricket team for their strong win over JPGS

U14 boys and girls football both dominated the opposition on their recent RSAC tournament in BISJ and TWA

U16 boys and girls basketball also showed their form at RSA  tournament in excellent preparation for SAIKAC

Cross country team showed that all those early morning sessions paid off in the SAIKAC Dammam and RSAC TKS meets

Our youngest teams the U11 girls' netball keep on improving with a grand performance over a visiting TKS teams

The BSME U11 football teams took part in our annual pilgrimage to Bahrain for the BSME tournament. It’s was the girls who came away top team with 2nd place and boys a solid 3rd

Please wish the BSME U11 Games team safe travel in their coming extravaganza in Abu Dhabi of swimming, athletics, football, netball and basketball.

Thursday 20th - Friday 21st October 2016 - SAIKAC 2016 U16 Volleyball

BISJ Girls Team played at AISJ with their Coach Joshua Beggs - BISJ Boys Team played at BISJ with their Coaches Jackson Pearce and Kosta Tsiligkeridis1 collage

BISJ Girls - Overall the girls finished 5th.  Tala was our strongest server and most consistent passer, and she showed good leadership on the court.  Rasha had some good blocks and was very strong at the net.  Finn and Jude did a great job in the setter position.  Maddy was quick on the court and had some good hits.  Leya and Mira both made some great plays and proved that they deserved to be starters.

The girls improved a lot this season, learning a new offense and developing the skills and discipline to employ bump-set-spike.  They are a young team and will come back much stronger next year. 

BISJ boys - Had two teams – there was a lot of support from students, staff and parents which was great to see.  Overall Boys A team came 2nd and Boys B team 6th.  There were 7 teams playing over 2 days with over 60 games of Volleyball.

Friday 7th October - Red Sea Athletic Events

Collage 2016

U16 Girls Volleyball - Hosted by BISJ

Great tournament with over 50 games of volleyball player with 80+ female volleyball athletes. The RSAC tournament is focused on tournament preparation and skill development. The outcome of the event is not considered and there is no prize giving or placement of teams. Our girls learn't a great deal throughout the tournament taking away areas of strength and areas to improve for the next tournament 20/21 Oct @ AISJ  - Coach - Mark Evans 

U16 Boys Volleyball - Hosted by AISJ

U16 Boys Volleyball from BISJ participated in the RSAC meet at AISJ last Friday. There were two teams both played very well and were top contenders in the tournament. Aly Fetouh (Y11) captained his team through the tournament with no losses and were thrilled to beat KAUST in a exciting third set. Laith Lolas (Y11) captained the other BISJ team and unlike Aly's team, they came up against Yanbu, who were tactically clever and ended up beating BISJ.

Aly Fetouh and Saif Sabban scored a number of points by placing the ball deep into the opponents half, Laith Lolas quickness and commitment saw him diving and sprinting for wayward spikes or mis-hits, Mohamad AlKaff and Skander Ghorbal were very reliable at the net while Suhayl Uthman did a great job of communicating on court. All players improved over the day and are keen to face their rivals (particularly Yanbu and KAUST) at the SAIKAC tournament at BISJ soon. Hopefully we will have lots of spectators cheering our boys on. - Coach - Naomi Rangi