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The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is the world’s leading youth achievement award and it is recognised in 140 countries. The Award has a unique reputation with academic institutions, employers and in the wider world.

There are three Award levels: Bronze (from 14 years old), Silver (from 15 years old) and Gold (from 16 years old). Students who complete all three levels before leaving school have made an exceptional achievement.

In the short term students get to take part in something which is fun and which recognises their commitment to activities both in and outside school. Each level of the award comprises of four sections, five for Gold (residential), service, skill, physical and the adventurous journey. This falls in line with CAS requirements for IB and further boosts university applications. Research (carried out by leading UK universities) has shown that the Award has a long term impact on the educational attainment of participants as well as improved health and well-being.




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